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Secured Access 

To access our online course, you must confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions in this page. The term “course” includes the NLP.College Web pages, Novice to NLP Trainer Course and all associated materials. Please review this Terms and Conditions Agreement carefully. Only approved NLP.College registrants have access to the secured section of our website. 

The course is designed to be completed without time restriction. Accounts which were not accessed for more than 3 months will be blocked to ensure the registrant’s privacy and security. 

Student accounts are not transferable and cannot be sold to other individuals. Your registered account is unique and is only associated with you. Selling your account access is prohibited and will be blocked if attempted. Security measures are in place to ensure your privacy, and therefore if there are 2 or more different IP’s logged into your account, it will be blocked until you contact us directly. In any case, if you have concerns regarding your user account, you may contact us at any time: admin@nlp.college.

The Novice to NLP Trainer Online Certification Course is a dynamic interactive online learning course, designed to be accessed sequentially, and not all at once. Lesson 105, for example, can only be accessed if you have completed lesson 104. 

You hereby agree that you will not use any software, code, robot, web-spider or other device, process or means to access the course. Nor shall you use any computer program to monitor or copy the content contained thereon or for any other unauthorized purpose without our explicit written permission. 

You agree that you will not compromise or circumvent the security protocols and measures of our website and course or otherwise gain unauthorized access to the course. You agree that you will not use any program, device, software or code that interferes with the proper working of NLP.College, nor shall you attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the course. You agree that you will not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our servers. 

Privacy Policy

As a logged in user, you may be writing about personal matters that must remain private for any reason. We are aware that any use of that information would rapidly invalidate the utility of our methods, and we will not use that information in any way, with the exception of your email address, with your permission, so that we can send you your username and password. 

A copy of that username and password is saved so that you can retrieve it from us in case of loss, and storage of your input so you can have access to and can modify it anytime.

The server stores what you write while you are completing the exercises in the secured portion of our website, so that you can work with what you were writing when you wish to. Our employees do not read or review or have access to what you have written. We do not use what you have written for any other purposes except storing it securely for your usage. We do not directly associate what you write with any identifying information, such as your name or email address. Our employees do not have access to your credit card information, which is processed securely by an online payment processing company.

Our staff will never-ever share the information you voluntarily provide us, in any manner or reason, to any other company or individual, with the following exceptions:

First: Your credit card information is processed by PayPal, not by our company directly.

Second: Your email address is used only to send you the user name and password you would need to access the online course. We keep a copy of your user name and password offline, in a secured location, for the sole purpose of sending it again to you if it is misplaced or forgotten. None of your personally identifying information is saved online, unless you voluntarily entered it during the course, and that information can still be accessed by you alone. In the writing exercises given in the course, you will never be asked to provide personal identifying details of any kind. 

Third: Upon graduation, you will be asked to verify your identity and it must match the original information you entered in the order form. Your certificate will be mailed to you by registered mail. Within 30 days of your graduation, everything you entered in the online course will be safely deleted.

You can modify or delete anything you write while completing the exercises given. If you want us to delete the entire database of your entries, merely contact us by emailing admin@nlp.college with your request. However, if we do delete that information, it will be completely gone and cannot be retrieved ever again.

Once you receive your user name and password, we will not contact you in the future, except to inform of you of important changes affecting your account, or to reply to your emails to us. If you want to opt out of any potential future communications, simply email us with that request. 

Usage of NLP.College Materials 

All NLP.Colleges and materials, along with any reference used in or related to the course, are the property of our company or of third parties and used under permission granted to our company and may only be used in the manner detailed in this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Permission to use the material in any other way must be obtained in writing from our company and/or the publisher or author of the material. These materials are for the sole use of individuals registered for the NLP.College or others as approved by our company. As an NLP.College registrant, you may view and read all materials that are part of the NLP.College secured website. You may also print any or all html pages and pdf files for your personal use in taking the course, but you may not share and/or communicate and/or publish and/or distribute in any manner to other parties the course, your assigned login and password, text, images, links or any other materials. The terms and conditions regarding the use of our materials apply upon registration for the course, while you are taking the course, and upon and after completing, withdrawing from or terminating the course. 

Refund Policy 

You may withdraw from the course at any time. However, once you are registered and have logged in to the course, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. 

General Disclaimer 

You are solely responsible for and will indemnify and/or hold our company harmless from and against any and all liability, claims and losses resulting from your activity in connection with taking the course and/or your breach of any terms and conditions of this Terms and Conditions Agreement. 

Reading materials, illustrations, exercises and links provided in the course were created in-house by our company. Our company does not assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the content contained in all materials. Our company does not endorse any product, service or organization, even if such is referenced for teaching purposes. 



our company will deny access to NLP.College to any individual who does not agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Further more, our company reserves the right to terminate access to any individual who does not abide by these terms and conditions, at any time and without prior notification. 

Registrants are deemed and presumed to be in full agreement with this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Any individual who is found to be violating or assisting or attempting to assist anyone in violating these Terms and Conditions will be blocked permanently from accessing the course. 

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