Privacy Policy

Got questions or concerns regarding your privacy? 

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The Essence of Our Philosophy:

1. We respect your privacy. 

2. No tracking. 

3. No 'newsletters' or other promotional emails. 

4. No personal identifying information saved online.

5. The only time we will contact you is if you asked us to. 


The Details:

As a logged in user, you may be writing about personal matters that must remain private for any reason. We are aware that any use of that information would rapidly invalidate the utility of our methods, and we will not use that information in any way, with the exception of your email address, with your permission, so that we can send you your username and password. 

A copy of that username and password is saved so that you can retrieve it from us in case of loss, and storage of your input so you can have access to and can modify it anytime.

The server stores what you write while you are completing the exercises in the secured portion of our website, so that you can work with what you were writing when you wish to. Our employees do not read or review or have access to what you have written. We do not use what you have written for any other purposes except storing it securely for your usage. We do not directly associate what you write with any identifying information, such as your name or email address. Our employees do not have access to your credit card information, which is processed securely by an online payment processing company.

Our staff will never-ever share the information you voluntarily provide us, in any manner or reason, to any other company or individual, with the following exceptions:

First: Your credit card information is processed by PayPal, not by our company directly.

Second: Your email address is used only to send you the user name and password you would need to access the online course. We keep a copy of your user name and password offline, in a secured location, for the sole purpose of sending it again to you if it is misplaced or forgotten. None of your personally identifying information is saved online, unless you voluntarily entered it during the course, and that information can still be accessed by you alone. In the writing exercises given in the course, you will never be asked to provide personal identifying details of any kind. 

Third: Upon graduation, you will be asked to verify your identity and it must match the original information you entered in the order form. Your certificate will be mailed to you by registered mail. Within 30 days of your graduation, everything you entered in the online course will be safely deleted.

You can modify or delete anything you write while completing the exercises given. If you want us to delete the entire database of your entries, merely contact us by emailing with your request. However, if we do delete that information, it will be completely gone and cannot be retrieved ever again.

Once you receive your user name and password, we will not contact you in the future, except to inform of you of important changes affecting your account, or to reply to your emails to us. If you want to opt out of any potential future communications, simply email us with that request.

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