Secure Your Financial
Future With NLP

You will study the advanced form of NLP, which omits the ineffective outdated materials and further develops actual working research based know-how. Get the real life applications and dismiss the hype.


Certified NLP Trainer: You.

“Novice to NLP Trainer”? Exactly! We begin at the ground level, and by the time you finish the course, you will become an experienced, professional and certified NLP trainer.


Accelerated Learning

In this course, your learning is fun, easy and fast. 90% is purely practical. You will not need to memorize any data, and there are no exams or quizzes, only bite-size active learning assignments.
Here is a list of the topics we cover.


Personal Support

So what if it's a self-study course? We will be there for you, every step of the way, to encourage, answer your questions and provide helpful feedback.


Everything You Need to Succeed

We got you covered. You will get everything you need to run a professional NLP business, including specialized forms, marketing materials, practice management, clients questionnaires, training handouts, business card designs and even website templates.


Earn While You Learn

Wish to start your own private practice, business coaching, get paid to lecture or train groups? If you follow our step-by-step business guidelines, included in your course, by the time you graduate you will earn a full time income with NLP.


Affordable Tuition

Regular NLP training programs, from beginner to certified NLP trainer, may cost you well over $15,000. We offer a fair and affordable alternative.

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One time tuition. No hidden fees. No surprises.

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Questions & Answers

Who Are The People Behind NLP College?
NLP College is a joint effort of several highly experienced NLP trainers, and our team is growing rapidly to better support and enhance the successful achievements of our students. On our team: Ben Heigl, Ph.D, Sarah Rauchwerger, Richard Landmark, Isaac Bar-Lev, Ronald & Sarah Byrnes and a bunch of amazing teaching assistants and interns.

What's Unique About Studying At NLP College?
We have developed a one of a kind proprietary online learning algorithm, which adapts to your personal outcomes and needs. In this program, you master NLP by practically applying it to overcome your own challenges, to help others around you and to achieve your most desired goals and ambitions. There's a huge difference between reading about NLP (or listening to a lecture) and actually using it effectively, right? We take the practical approach almost exclusively: 90% of what you get in this course is experience based - YOUR experience. Here's the cool part: because it's online, there are no restrictions of time and space, unlike in expensive live trainings. We offer you everything we've got, and you take what you need to prove NLP is working well - first, for YOU, and then - your future clients.

How Much of NLP is Covered?
Everything that is being taught in the Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer's Training, in addition to our experience based business management course. Here is a list of the topics we cover.

How Do I Get Certified?
We do not believe in exams. Instead, we evaluate your proficiency according to your engagement level throughout the course. All you have to do is participate and complete as many short assignments as you can. As you begin the business management section, you will receive by registered mail a rubber stamped and signed NLP Trainer certificate, with your full name on it. If you choose to join AANLP, you will receive a welcome letter and a membership card from them as well.

How Fast Do I Have to Complete the Program?
You have as long as you personally need. We know that most self-learners have busy schedules already, with work and family obligations taking up most of their energy and time. We designed this course to fit any schedule. The materials are provided in small chunks, and most assignments can be completed within 2 to 5 minutes.

Is It Possible to Graduate Within 12 Months?
Yes. It only depends on the time you have available to invest in your studies.

What If I Don't Understand Something? What If I Need Some Encouragement and Support?
You're not alone. Although it's a self-study program, our team of NLP trainers and coaches will be available to assist you, every step of the way, at no extra charge. We promise to reply within 24 hours.

Are There Any Monthly Fees? Will I Be Asked to Buy More Stuff?
No. No hidden charges, no monthly membership fees and no solicitation for extra premium courses. Everything we offer is already included. We do not charge a membership fee because we want you to be congruent and invest real effort and time in the exercises and not rush through it all just to get to the end before another payment comes up. You invest in your tuition only once, and so you can relax and study the course at your own pace and most importantly, Haba Na Haba (little by little). You move ahead faster this way, stress free.

Will I Be Able to Access the Course On My Phone/Tablet?
Yes. You can access the course on any computer, phone or tablet, that has an internet browser. Every time you log in you will be redirected to the last page you viewed on your last visit, so you can quickly continue and make progress anytime you can, anywhere you are.

Got Questions?

Ask us anything. We promise to reply within 1 business day.

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